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Working With Famewalk Interiors

The privilege to partner with Famewalk Interiors for your design is similar to what a pirate would experience after having found that lost treasure.

Life seems to be moving faster than we do, and with 24hrs seeming less than it actually is – there is just no time to spend trying to juggle aspects of interior design for your property.

We handle your property and investment as our own. This actually means that you are able to focus on other areas of your daily life, leaving your Kingdom/Queendom in our very capable hands.



Our priority is to give you an unforgettable experience that keeps you coming back for more..

Meeting The Client

Assessing Design Needs

This is the initial stage where we get to sit and discuss the client’s needs for the space. We will talk about expectations, interests, personality, etc..

We also inspect the space to be designed (needs & possibilities) and discuss the estimated investment amount that the client had in mind. This process gives both Famewalk Interiors and the client a vetting chance to see if we are able to continue the design process.

Planning & Feedback

Concept Phase

Taking our time to go through the design needs discussed during the consultation, we come up with the best concept covering all aesthetic and functional needs of the space to be designed.

We will be focusing on the floorplan, the desired design style, and the space problems that need solutions. That will give us a proper scope and actual project cost estimate.

Design Implementation

Documentations & Presentations

This is where implementation of agreed ideas & design project begin. You will receive contracts, schedules and all.