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Working With Famewalk Interiors

They usually say “Different strokes for Different People”

Some people have an idea of what they want to achieve but they are not sure where to begin or how to find the time and correct resourses to put all that is in their heads and hearts together and make it a finished product. Some have challenges like ‘ little space for all their sentimental and uselful stuff’ or they have a new member (baby) in the family and want to personalise the new one’s space. Sometimes its because the use of the space has changed due to certain needs (e.g kids have grown and need a change of scenery or have moved out and the room needs transformation to fit any age and gender/ the business is transforming into an empire and needs more space or vise versa)

Most of the times, people want to move along with the times and include new design trends, lighten up the space, create a different ambience and even add their personality to the area.

At Famewalk Interiors, we understand all those differences.We ensure that you feel safe to dream, to open up and to commit to changing your life for the better. We walk with you through the entire process of your transformation. Nothing is simple or complicated. We understand that we are working with emotions, livelihood and most importantly – money.

We are here to give you peace of mind, transparency, reliability, creativity and your desires.We are here to prevent all the stress & design mistakes that can be done if you handle this transformation without a proffessional and passionate designer. We are here to give you value for time and money.

Meeting The Client

Assessing Design Needs

This is the initial stage where we get to sit and discuss the client’s needs for the space. We will talk about client’s expectations, interests, personality, etc..

We will inspect the space to be designed (needs & possibilities) and discuss the estimated budget that the client had in mind. Once that is done, a design brief will be drafted for the client and project research & consolidation phase will begin.

Planning & Feedback

Concept Phase

Taking our time to go through the design needs discussed during the consultation, we come up with the best concept covering all aesthetic and functional needs of the space to be designed.

We will be focusing on the floorplan, the desired design style, and the space problems that needs solutions. That will give us a proper scope and actual project cost estimate. The concept and cost can be revised twice before an agreement is reached.

Design Implementation

Documentations & Presentations

This is where implementation of agreed ideas & design project begin. You will receive contracts, schedules, policies and all.

As part of the design presentations, we will go through moodboards (incl 3D renderings), sketches (lighting, elevation, capentry, etc), sampling boards and finishing schedules.